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Welcome to the W.M.T. website.

The growth of your company is a result of continuous improvement and the optimization of your production processes and, therefore, it is necessary to entrust it with competent, solid and reliable partners.

W.M.T. was founded in 1977, to fill the void when Hydromation Engineering Italiana was closed and operates under licensee of Hydromation Filter Co. USA.  From this extensive experience, W.M.T provides the know-how in the latest filtration techniques.

Through the years W.M.T. has continuously developed the expertise resulting in several new patents and development and has approximately 19,000 world wide installations in various fields; environmental, power generation, mechanical, automotive, nuclear, petroleum, steel industries, engineering and advanced software applications.

W.M.T. offers our customers a wide range of services from technical project feasibility studies, to specification documentation; verification of third party project specification written by others to the project completion, installation and start up.  Further, we provide training and instruction for system management including on site or remote off site monitoring and control.

W.M.T. also has the ability to represent complimentary products in our above markets.

Operating fields Products Services
Ecological Filter for liquids  Engineering
Electric Oil separators Construction management
Mechanical Chip conveyor  Project realizing
 Nuclear  Chip treatment  Start up
 Oil industry    
Oil industry Strips washers Staff training
 Steel industry    
Steel industry  Fume depuration system After market assistance