Pre Coat pressure filter

  • Flow range between 600 to 7.000 l/min
  • Filtering degree according to class 00 ÷ 3 of our table ST-1584
  • Suitable to filter stable pure oil with different viscosity

The W.M.T. Pre-Coat Filter is primarily a coded pressure vessel containing a multitude of mesh-covered perforated tubes.

The tubes are septum upon which fine diatomaceous earth powder is deposited in a thin layer forming a filter cake that permits removal of solid contaminant particles as small as 0,5 µm.

Is completely automatic and will operate on low to high viscosity liquids of varying temperature. The filter is available as a complete packaged unit or can be incorporated into a centralized recirculating system designed for any flow requirement. The filter uses a slurry feeder and a Liquid Vacuum secondary recovery filter to concentrate and remove the dirty-laden pre-coat powder after each filtration cycle.

Fossil flours or similar porous materials cover the filter candles by performing sub-micron filtration.

This three-dimensional filter bed can be kept soft and porous with a body-feed action. Liquid-Vacuum or Flat-Bed filters are used for secondary filtering according to the degree of humidity required in spent fossil flours.

The basic components of a pre-coating system are schematically shown on the side. The system mainly consists of the Pre Coat filter tank, a mixing tank, a Liquid-Vacuum secondary filter and a main tank.

Typical applications of this product are used in:

  • Mechanical processing systems (a typical system uses a conveyor tank as the main tank);
  • Rolling mill systems (this typical system, installed on a four-cage rolling mill);
  • Systems for hot oil test rooms (the clean and dirt tank is usually positioned under the floor with the filters on the workshop floor).