Deep bed filters

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Deep bed filters

In deep bed filters the filtering medium is composed by a granulated porous media with oppurtune dimensions contained in a pressure tank.

The liquid is introduced in the upper side of the tank and is evenly distributed over the entire section of passage through a special diffuser, these crossing the granular mass of media forming the filter bed, releases the pollutant particles that are retained by the granular mass, and is finally collected, when purified, by appropriate manifold to delivery.

Our deep bed filters differ in:

  • type of filter media, which may be:
    • sand
    • vegetable granules
    • plastic granules
  • system backwashing of the filter media, which can be:
    • expansion of the filter bed, where the entire volume of the filter media is expanded by stirring in counter-current and the entire mass of the filter bed remains inside the filter vessel; in this case the contaminating particles are partially expelled from the filter,
    • pass through a hydro cyclone scrubber, where the entire volume of the filter media was stirred and pumped into the hydro cyclonic scrubber allowing a complete cleaning of the granules forming the filter media through the flutter and the centrifugal force effects; in this case the contaminating particles are completely expelled from the filter.

and are represented by two models: