Liquid Vacuum Sandwich Tube

Liquid-Vacuum Sandwich Tube filter

Liquid-Vacuum filter with permanent panel working in capillary flow with the following features:

  • Flow range between 100 a 60.000 l/min
  • Filtering degree according to class 2 ÷ 12 of our table ST-1584.
  • Permanent Three dimensional filter panel (Patent nr. 01254551 e 01273048).
  • Suitable to filter stable emulsified oil in different percentage and pure oil with different viscosity.

The LIQUID VACUUM SANDWICH TUBE system is the logical continuation of the development introduced by its predecessor, the Liquid Vacuum Sandwich Panel.

From this it takes the filtering process technology (see filtering panel patent nr. 01254551 and nr. 01273048) that grant to reach a very fine medium filter degree.

New is the the filter panels back wash, through a turnover between all the filtering elements, using the cleaned coolant. The back wash index and the filter index has the same time.

The filtering elements can be from different typologies, from the triangular to the hexagonal shape, from the cylindrical to the leaf ones.

In engineering the LVST a special attention was given to the upgrade possibility of the old vacuum system with the new SANDWICH TUBE, increasing in that way the adaptability to any kind of working requirement.

Flow increasing, different filter degree for special operation on the same line, medium filter degree assurance are now feasible especially keeping the preexistent carpentry structure.

The whole system is managed by PLC and is equipped, for the detection of all the functional parameters, with equipment capable of sending digital signals in 4 – 20 mA or in PROFIBUS mode.

These ensure that, through a specially designed program, the system is able to work according to variable operating conditions according to the load of pollutant, shavings and / or hydraulic oil, which is conveyed into the tank via the discharge channels.