Flat-Bed pressure filter

Flat-Bed medium pressure filter with the following characteristics:

  • flow range between 45 G.P.M. (170 l/min) to 12,000 G.P.M. (45.360 l/min),
  • filtering degree according to class 4 ÷ 10 of our table ST-1584,
  • less than one micron (.000039″) of particles retaining capacity with 5 ppm of particles concentration,
  • disposable or permanent media;

suitable to filter: water; stable, metastable and instable emulsified oil in different percentage; pure oil with different viscosity.

The Flat-Bed filter is capable of meeting a wide range of filtering needs in its standard configuration, and operating on a self-contained basis. It can also be used as the core of a filtering system with special characteristics.

For example, provision can be made to pre-coat the filter media with diatomaceous earth to ‘polish-filter’ the liquid, so the average particle size passed is in the sub-micron range.

lt can be placed in series with settling ponds or drag tanks which remove extra-large chips, scale and ‘trash’ before filtration.

The Flat-Bed filter can employ special equipment, special construction materials or design modifications to cope with ‘hot’ or problem liquids.

The Flat-Bed filter is suitable for dewatering many types of sludge, and for secondary-recovery of particulate that is suspended in process liquors.

The operating costs for the Flat-Bed filter are very low, as the unit is fully automatic and does not require chemical reagents during normal service, while ordinary maintenance is limited to sporadic control operations.

The Flat-Bed filter is offered in a wide range of models, with flat bed widths from 2 ft (609.6 mm) to 6 ft (1,828.8 mm) and lengths from 2 ft (609.6 mm) to 30 ft (9,144 mm), in order to meet all possible specific requests.

All the technical supports needed to install and operate the filter are normally included in the W.M.T. proposal.

W.M.T. it also offers support for these equipment for the duration of their service.