Strip washing machine

WMT strip washing machine to install in coils finishing line before: painting, galvanizing and final oiling.

This tool allows to reduce coils impurity that could affect the production process improving, in this way, the output quality.

WMT strip washing machine are composed by 3 different modular sections:

  • pre-washing,
  • washing,
  • rinsing and drying,

they are able to operate with table widths between 8” – 94” ½ and speed line till 1,800 ft/min.

According to project data, WMT strip washing machine can be supplied with filtering and deoiling system, they are able to operate in room temperature or supplied with heating system. Finally they can operate with low, medium or high pression washing system.

They can be supplied complete with: filters and de-oiling systems for cleaning liquids; they can operate at room temperature or be equipped with electric, superheated water or steam heaters; finally I can work with low, medium or high pressure washing systems.

The prewash, wash and rinse systems are made using adjustable ramps equipped with high impact blade nozzles, installed in such a way as to superimpose their footprint without intersecting, thereby improving washing efficiency. All the nozzles are equipped with bayonet coupling in order to keep their positioning constant over time both during cleaning operations and during the replacement of the nozzles.

The brushing system has been designed and manufactured so as not to cause scratches on the belt surfaces; in addition, the brushes, with double opposed helicoid, facilitate the cleaning of the surfaces by pushing the dirt sideways. Special washing ramps help to keep the bristles of the brushes clean by avoiding the accumulation of residues between the bristles themselves. The brushing assemblies are installed on removable supports in order to facilitate the maintenance and replacement of components as much as possible.

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