w.m.t. - water and mechanical technology

Welcome to the W.M.T. website.

The growth of your company is a result of continuous improvement and the optimization of your production processes and, therefore, it is necessary to entrust it with competent, solid and reliable partners.

W.M.T. covers this strategic role by helping engineering and manufacturing companies to improve and optimize production processes by supplying: state-of-the-art systems, machinery, components and services for over 40 years and with over 20,000 installations carried out worldwide.

W.M.T. was founded in 1977, to fill the void when Hydromation Engineering Italiana was closed and operates under licensee of Hydromation Filter Co. USA.  From this extensive experience, W.M.T provides the know-how in the latest filtration techniques.

Through the years W.M.T. has developed further know-how with the registration of its patents and currently boasts world-wide achievements in the sectors:

  • of industrial separation through:
    • sedimentation,
    • flotation,
    • distillation;
  • of industrial filtration with:
    • pressure filters,
    • vacuum filters,
    • gravity filters,
    • pre-coating flters,
    • deep bed filters;
  • of industrial purification systems with:
    • chemical/physical processes,
    • biological processes,
    • distillation processes,
    • adsorption processes;
  • of separate materials treatment;
  • of processed products surface treatment;

in vaious fields:

engineering and advancted software applications.

W.M.T. offers our customers a wide range of services which are divided into:

  • chemical/physical analysis of waters and industrial liquids;
  • engineering:
    • feasibility project,
    • technical specifications issue,
    • executive project;
  • over viewing of the project realizing (if made by others):
  • construction management,
    • testing;
    • project realizing,
    • installation start up,
  • instruction to manage the system,
  • after market assistance:
    • on site,
    • through remote control.

W.M.T. also has the ability to represent complimentary products in our above markets.