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Liquid-vacuum filter

W.M.T. is proud to present the new Sandwich Panels permanent filter, working according a capillary three dimensional filtration, with an high specific flow as well as high suspended solid retention.

This filter has won an European award for the environmental impact reduction due to the fact that it don’t need any disposable media and that the permanent media is regenerable during time through back was with the filtered coolant.

Thanks to its flexibility it can be used on in-line or off-line filtering system, in single or centralized applications, like primary / secondary / finally filter, it can be installed in pressure or in vacuum and at the end it can work in manual, semiautomatic, automatic, self regulating and remote way.

The Sandwich Panel Filter can work with all fluid such as water, oil, stable emulsion with flow from 50 to 40000 L/min with filtering degree according NAS 1638 table class 6 ÷ 10 and suspended solid of 2 ÷ 200 µm.