Deep-bed-filter with filter media composed by plastic or vegetable granulate.

  • Flow range between 200 to 32.000 l/min.
  • Filtering degree according to class 00 ÷ 1 of our table ST-1584.
  • Suitable to filter water and low viscosity monophase liquids.
  • Wide range of filter media to meet the different industrial applications.

The W.M.T. deep bed filter Deep-Bed is a compact system capable of treating liquids up to 24,600 l / min, removing particles with particle sizes in the sub-micron range.

The filter is particularly effective in the removal of oily or generally sticky particles compared to other similar filters which present major problems in the management of the filter medium due to the coagulation of the granules.

Key contributors to this filter’s high capacity are a special media and a new, patented way of scrubbing the media clean when the bed has become fully loaded.

Fast and effective, the dynamic scrubbing technique normally needs only 20 minutes to do its work.

In most situations, the Deep-Bed filter automatically carries out backwashing, either with the increase in pressure resulting from the increase in the polluting load, or when the timer is set at a predetermined value.

It returns the media to the bed clean enough to go through another lengthy duty cycle before losing filtering ability.

Mudballs that agglomerate in the bed are broken up and cleaned out in this scrub.

With the Deep-Bed filter with radial flow, a greater filtering surface is obtained compared to the overall dimensions in the plan, the particular geometry of the flow increases the specific flow rate without reducing the removal efficiency of the solid particles.

Typical applications of this product are:

  • foundry water filtration;
  • water with noble metals, their recovery;
  • sanding of well and river water;
  • tertiary stage sewage treatment plants.