Liquid Vacuum Wedge Wire

Liquid Vacuum Wedge-Wire vacuum filter

Liquid Vacuum filter with the following features:

  • Flow range between 100 a 60.000 l/min
  • Filtering degree according to class 2 ÷ 12 of our table ST-1584.
  • Disposable media.
  • Permanent Wedge-Wire filter pannels
  • Continuous fabric permanent belt:
    • Internal filter tank traveling belt (T.B.F.),
    • External filter tank traveling belt (E.T.B.F.).
  • Suitable to filter stable emulsified oil in different percentage and pure oil with different viscosity.

Liquid Vacuum system use a unique dual technique to filter and recirculate process liquid. As dirty liquid enter is drawn through the filter medium in the box from where it’s continuously pumped to the machines.

All the operation are PLC controlled.

The filter index automatically starts when a preselected vacuum is reached, vacuum is eliminated by backflow of clean liquid into the vacuum chamber. The flight conveyor move a predetermined distance.

When a continuous fabric permanent belt filter media (T.B.F. or E.T.B.F.) is used, the backflow of clean liquid lifts retained solids from openings in the permanent media to prevent migration during indexing.

During the short micro index cycle, clean liquid is drawn from a reserve tank to ensure a continuous supply to machines.

Liquid Vacuum system built up a concentrated solids cake which enhances filtration. Let’s briefly consider the part that the filter mat plays in optimizing the filtering efficiency. A good design must make use of the accumulation of solids to be filtered to strengthen the filtering effect of the basic filter medium. The mat gives a three-dimensional effect on the flat mesh of the filter medium and the small particles are thus intercepted in this more intricate mesh.

The micro indexing features permits retention of a concentrated solids cake on 90% of the filter area at all times.

The filter’s ability to develop greater vacuum differential as the solids cake an creases maintains uniform flow through the media.

The simplicity of the Liquid-Vacuum Wedge Wire is the basis of its long life and low maintenance costs.