In the ecologic field W.M.T. has developed a series of systems able to resolve the problematic for the drinkeabling water and for the water discharge treatment, they articulate themselves in:

  • drinkeabling systems with eventual desaltzing system,
  • waste waters treatment systems with eventual recoveries,
  • water de-oiling systems.

We engineer and we realize therefore:

  • Treatment and drinkeabling water systems:
    • for domestic use with flow from 85 to 125 l/day (from 22 to 33 gal/day).
    • for caravan e camper with flow of 100 l/day (26 gal/day).
  • Desaltzing and drinkeabling water systems:
    • for small boats with flow of 100 l/day (26 gal/day).
  • Industrial water treatemant system containing:
    • high-quality matals and they recovering;
    • precious matals and they recovering;
    • fluorescent liquids.
  • Ultrafiltration systems.
  • Reverse osmosis systems.
  • Water treatment system with:
    • coalescent oil removal device;
    • macroflottation device;
    • microflottation device.
  • Civil water discharge treatment plants with biological system at total oxidation.
  • Waste water treatment plants with chemical / physical system.
  • Fume depuration system.